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Irregular Stepping Stones

Irregular Stepping Stones

Create your very own unique New England path with our irregular shaped Stepping Stones!

Irregular Stepping Stones are available in two different styles, 20″ style and 21″ style, and also multiple color blends. By using both styles together you will enhance any section of your lawn or walkway to look as though you installed natural irregular stones. Whether it be a path to the front door, from your back patio or through your garden, our Irregular Stepping Stones will give your outdoor space a charming New England feel. You will have the look of natural stone path at a fraction of the price. Simple and easy installation. Also sold as 20 pieces Irregular Stepping Stone Kits (10 pieces of 20″ stones and 10 pieces of 21″ stones).

Irregular Stepping Stones

Product Details

Available in Blue, Blue Variegated and Tan Variegated.

Helpful hint:  A Stepping Stone Kit (20 pieces) as single file is equal to 30 ft. pathway (with a 3 in. gap in between each stone).  A Stepping Stone Kit (20 pieces) as double file is equal to 15 ft. pathway (with a 3 in. gap in between each stone)

  • Beautiful color blend with a natural stone texture
  • Easy and simple to install, set in your lawn or in a path of crushed stone
  • Kit includes 20 pieces of Stepping Stones, two different styles, 10-piece of each style
  • Each Stepping Stone style are also sold separately

High Quality natural stone products at a fraction of the cost!