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Product Warranty

Nantucket Pavers products undergo rigorous testing procedures to ensure we meet and exceed the requirements of ASTM C-1194 and ASTM C-1195 . This warranty is offered to the original Consumer Purchaser (Homeowner), for as long as they own their home. Nantucket Pavers warrants that the product is free from defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is only valid if the material is installed using our suggested install guidelines. This warranty is for residential, non-vehicular uses and does not imply a warranty for commercial applications. Nantucket Pavers warranty is limited to supplying new material only at no charge. Nantucket Pavers will not be responsible for freight or any replacement labor. Any warranty claim must be accompanied with original proof of purchase. Color matching cannot be guaranteed.

We generally recommend the traditional “sand set” installation method for all Nantucket Paver blocks. We DO NOT recommend using Stone Dust or Quarry Dust base as an installation method. Stone Dust or Quarry Dust does not allow adequate drainage of water and has also caused damage to the product due to a substance in the dust Nantucket Pavers does not warranty product that has been installed utilizing Stone Dust or Quarry Dust.

This warranty does not apply to efflorescence. Efflorescence is a naturally occurring process in all concrete products that sometimes appears in the form of a white powdery film on the product surface. It does not compromise the integrity of the product. Although efflorescence cannot be prevented, it will wash off over time or can be cleaned with an efflorescence cleaner.

The use of de-icing salt can affect the durability and appearance of the product. Nantucket Pavers will not warranty and product damage resulting from the use of de-icing salt.

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