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How to Build an Oxford Firepit

Oxford Firepit Installation Instructions
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Step 1 – Set the ring on an even surface.
Step 2 – Lay out the rest course of 16 blocks around the ring insert.
Step 3 – Make sure the gap between the ring and blocks are even all around, and that the ring can be removed with ease.
Step 4 – Remove the ring insert and set it aside.
Step 5 – Lay out the next 3 courses keeping the joints staggered.
(Masonry adhesive may be applied between layers, securing them in place permanently.)
Step 6 – Fill the inside with the 3 bags of sand provided, and spread it out evenly.
Step 7 – Set the ring back inside the firepit and press it down to set it in the sand. It should sit just below the rim of the firepit blocks.