CT Fieldstone Wall


Create the outdoor atmosphere you’ve always dreamed of

using our CT Fieldstone Garden Wall Blocks!


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The texture and color of our CT Fieldstone Garden Wall Blocks add dimension and depth to your garden or other outdoor area.  These blocks come in a variety of different designed faces so that all blocks do not look the same.  CT Fieldstone Garden Wall Blocks can be used to build a beautiful free standing wall (finished on both sides – double sided) or a charming little garden wall (finished on one side).   Adding to the appeal of your landscape by getting the look of natural fieldstone wall but at a fraction of the cost.   Use our Wall Caps, that give a rustic finish capped look, or add our Rivenstone Patio Blocks to get the look of a natural bluestone cap.   Either way you will have a picturesque garden wall and everyone will be asking where to purchase CT Fieldstone Garden Wall Blocks.


  • CT Fieldstone Blue VariegatedLooks like natural fieldstone
  • Makes beautiful corners – finished on 3 sides
  • Easy to build  Edgers, Walls & Piers
  • To cap an Edger just cut one of our wall caps down the center and finish off your edger with an appealing cap.  Looks like a charming mini wall!
  • Beautiful definition & color blends (all the way through the block) – available in Grey, Blue Variegated & Tan Variegated
  • Build a 27”H x 21” Sq. Pier with just 24 blocks!
  • Finished in a fraction of the time it takes to create a traditional wall
  • Use wall adhesive or mortar to tie the blocks and courses together
  • Cut with skill saw with masonry blade
  • Easy to handle

Specifications for each block:  17.5″ L x 4″ W x 4.5″ H

* We do not recommend building a wall over 24″ inches.

CLICK here to view printable Wall Installation instructions

CLICK here to view printable Pier Installation instructions